What Color is Your Fitness? Take the Quiz

What’s your fitness color? Really. Your fitness has a personality and a color. So says author Suzanne Brue, who wrote The 8 Colors of Fitness: Discover Your Color-Coded Fitness Personality and Create an Exercise Program You’ll Never Quit.

Take her quiz here. Find out your “fitness color.” See if you agree.

Author Suzanne Brue, building on the Myers-Briggs personality profile assessment tool, makes a good case for the influence of personality type on your exercise of choice. If you’re not familiar with the dichotomies in Myers-Briggs, here they are:

  • Where is your natural source of energy? (Extraversion (E)….. Intraversion (I))
  • How do you prefer to take in information? (Sensing (S) …… iNtuition (N))
  • How do you prefer to make decisions? (Thinking (T) ….. Feeling (F))
  • What mode do you prefer for engaging the outer world? (Judging (J) ….. Perceiving (P))
Brue has grouped the 16 personality types (possible combinations of the 4 outcomes) into 8 pairs and given them colors. “The colors,” she says, “resonate with the physical energy of the personality type.” Ok, what does that mean?

Blues (ISTJ, ISFJ) are loyal and committed = true blue

Golds (ESTJ, ESFJ) are conservative achievers = gold, like the currency

Reds (ESTP, ESFP) are where the action is = red gets our attention

Greens (ISTP, ISFP) are nature lovers = green, what else

Silvers (ENTP, ENFP) like new ideas = silver, shiny, fluid and changeable

Saffrons (INTP, INFP) seek truth in a comfortable way = saffron, attention-getting without the glitz

Whites (INTJ, INFJ) are visionaries with a blank canvas = pure white and receptive

Purples (ENTJ, ENFJ) are outgoing and self-assured = regal purple

What color are you?!!

In her book Brue describes the characteristics of a fitness/exercise environment that would appeal to each of these personality types. Pretty intriguing. I highly recommend her book.

So what’s all this doing on a Sports and Fitness Blog? 2 reasons…

Reason #1. Some of you out there are having trouble sticking to your own exercise and fitness program. You teach or you coach or you parent an athlete, but fitness for you?

  • It’s forced.
  • It’s conditioned.
  • It’s a thing of the past.
What color are you? Maybe your hue has changed. Maybe the new color needs a different approach.

Ready to take the 8 Colors quiz now?

Do the best you can with the preferences. (What do you prefer at least 51% of the time?) Then fill in the exercise preference profile offered on the next screen. You may be surprised at how well this survey knows you. Did you find some new strategies? Or confirm what you already knew?

Oh, and reason #2 for assessing personality profiles on the fitness blog? That’s for the next F2F post. But I’ll give you a hint:

Do colorful personalities come into play on the soccer field? Which color makes a better defender? Better midfielder? Better striker? Better goal keeper? Profiling? Len Oliver may have some wisdom to offer.

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