Videos for the Fit2Finish Book

2012-12-15_17-43-17_338 (2)Here are the video links for my new book Fit2Finish: Keeping Your Soccer Players in the Game.

Find your age group. Find your fun. Try it out. All the Fit2Finish games are fueled by the science of healthy sports but designed to blend performance into your practice. (Just don’t tell them it’s good for them!)

Video Links for Fit2Finish

U8 Goal: coordination, body awareness
Crazy days warm-up
Crazy days in the zoo
U10 Goal: bi-lateral strength, application of body to game, speed
Obstacle course
Shove the gamut
U12 Goal: body control, agility, reaction time
Basic agility course
Expanded agility course
U14 Goal: dynamic strength, balance,  injury prevention
Leap and hold
Partner 2-legged pushes *
Resistance band tag
U18 Goal: aerobic and anaerobic endurance, smart play, relationships
Hop and volley


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