The Fit2Finish Method

Every coach can put the Fit2Finish method into play instantly.

  1. Reduce injury risk by following these steps:

  • CIMG0535CIMG0527Identify movement pattern errors
  • Address and correct them early before they become movement habits
  • Adopt new healthy movement patterns into game play
  1. Teach players to adopt the athletic position using the “3 B’s”

boys square in challenge

  • BEND your knees
  • be on the BALLS of your feet
  • stay BALANCED keeping heads up to play
  1. Translate the 3 B’s into healthy movement

  • DSC00302Perform skills using the 3 B’s
  • Execute maneuvers reinforcing the 3 B’s
  • Practice the 3 B’s as part of drills, combinations and scrimmages
  • Employ the 3 B’s movement on both sides of the ball – attacking and defending
  • Adapt the 3 B’s for positional play
  1. Use the Fit2Finish Approach

  • DSC00291Identify movement weaknesses: 
  • One-legged squat progresses to 3-point touch to assess strength, balance, rotation, core
  • targets the ankle/knee/hip unit




DSC00269 (2)

  • Address and correct movement errors:
  • Plyometrics, jump and spring-coil landing – targets body control, core strength, power
  • Agility cones ­for cut/change of direction
  • targets knee and body position during conditioned movement





RFC photo 1

  • Adopt healthy movement patterns in game play:
  • Look for, remind and reinforce 3-B’s movement
  • Players feel the stronger, more effective positioning and adopt it as their natural movement pattern
  1.  Three popular Fit2Finish games (*the F2F book includes links to 11videos*)

  • Resistance band tag (works on knee position and hip strengthening)
  • Leap and hold (works on dynamic balance and power, challenging hamstring strength and balance)
  • Hop and volley (works on agility, core strength and body position in the execution of a ball skill)