Team Training

Stay ahead of your opponent with fitness and skill.

The 5 best reasons to bring Fit2Finish to your team…

  • Conditioning and Fitness – fit players are still executing their skills and their game plan in the final minutes of every game.
  • Speed and Agility – agile players allude tackles and defenders effortlessly and keep their footing to complete the play
  • Core Strength and Conditioning – the body’s core muscles transfer power from the legs into rapid whole body movement; essential for sports
  • Sport-Specific/Game Day Fitness – fitness is as good as it gets when you can take it to the field; sport-specific training gets you there
  • Preventing Injuries – identify movement patterns and habits that put a player at risk of injury, and re-train healthy patterns that will build power and confidence

Fit2Finish comes to you.

Fit2Finish offers a variety of training packages for pre-season, winter and mid-season. Contact Wendy to discuss which program is best for your team.  Email: OR Call: 703-298-2280