The 10 Best Ways Sport Teaches Life


At Fit2Finish we know that sports are a great way for kids to try on life. The lessons are everywhere!

Best thing is, we don’t have to say a thing, the game does it for us. Here is your TOP 10 list for 2015!

  1. Show up for practice and for the main event: you’ll play like you practice so bring your “A-game” to both.
  2. Know where you’re heading and know what the goal is: always have a target and be sure it’s the same for your team or teammate.
  3. Have several game plans, not just one: be flexible in your approach. Doing the same unsuccessful thing over and over is not likely to yield new results.
  4. Don’t count on the one thing that is least likely to occur: play the most favorable odds to have the most success. Usually the simplest way is the best.
  5. Work towards small goals (short-term goals) to reach larger goals: goals should be specific and achievable to be motivating.
  6. Practice skills before the big performance: this ingrains good habits and does the most to defeat nervousness.
  7. Don’t give up because you get a penalty or make a mistake: Learn from these.
  8. Figure out what you want to accomplish and then plan backwards: this is one way of keeping goal setting realistic and on target.
  9. Have a coach and people who cheer you on: we all need someone in our corner, especially when things are hard.
  10. Work as a team to get things done: the diversity of skills, approaches and abilities will give you the best chance of success.

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