Thank you, Vienna Youth Soccer Striker Parents

Author’s note: I just finished six weeks working with the Vienna Youth Soccer (VYS) Strikers, 3 teams of U14 girls soccer players who compete in WAGS and ODSL. They are professionally trained by Gerardo Ramirez, Elise Fasick and Andon Tsarev. They invited Fit2Finish to introduce soccer-specific fitness and injury prevention.

Dear Striker Parents,

You have a great group of girls. Really. I know they probably gripe and get moody and perhaps are even disrespectful on occasion. It’s because they’re teens and you have provided a safe place at home for them to “let it all hang out.” They need this.

But on the field, they are nothing but pure gold. They are fun and interested, engaged and engaging. They work really hard. They support each other. They say thank you. They say this sincerely. They shake your hand, give you a high five. They laugh. They are serious about their soccer. Whether they win or lose is really  important to them, but not as important as knowing you are on the sidelines. Even I got the warm fuzzies when I came to a game. One said, “Now I feel loved.” Another stopped and waved, “Oh, hi!” Gotta love that.

I write this to you so you’ll get a glimpse of the best of these young women. Your young women. They don’t always wear these middle school years well. It’s a transitional time. When my girls were this age I found that I was especially grateful for the “other adults” in my kids’ lives: their teachers and administrators, their counselors, their coaches, even their friends’ level-headed parents. Whoever was there to “talk them off the ledge.” That, I figured out, is where most teens end up at one point or another. And you can’t blame them. It’s exciting out there, and you can’t beat the view.

But good kids don’t happen by accident. So, I’m just saying to you, “Well done.” Or in the vernacular, “Well played.” They appreciate all you are doing for them and the heart you have for them – even if they don’t say so. I got some of your thanks last week and I’m passing it along.

Athletics is such a great venue for kids, I think especially for girls, to learn about themselves. What they’re made of and what they can make, given some tools and some teammates.  They likely won’t know until later the value of this time for them, but I’m sure the day will come. Right now, they’re on their way to greatness in a hundred different ways.

I feel privileged to have had this time and I look forward to seeing them on the pitch and the practice field again in the near future.

Go Strikers!
Coach (Dr.) Wendy


Thank you, Vienna Youth Soccer Striker Parents — 4 Comments

  1. On behalf of the coaches, parents & players………….THANK YOU Coach Wendy for all you did for our ladies! They LOVE you!!! You are a STRIKERTOPIAN always! We were privileged to have you on the pitch with our striker ladies. Your time, e…xperience, talent & skill to help with fun & easy skills that are tailored to the female athlete was & is an inspriartion to the striker organization and I KNOW that we all learned many things with the experience. We look forward to seeing you on the pitch and the practice field again soon as well!! Thank you Fit2Finish, especially to you, Coach Wendy!!!

    • STRIKERTOPIAN – Wow, I am on top of the world. I am glad to be among you. Thanks for writing. I look forward to hearing more from the Strikers about what they think of the Fit2Finish blog and what they’d find helpful to see here.

  2. Coach Wendy thank you for your kind words and the wonderful work you have done with the Strikers. They learned a lot and had a terrific time doing it. They will carry these lessons throughout life, no matter what sport they play.
    My daughter had forgotten that the Strikers sessions with Fit2Finish were over and when she did not see you last Tuesday she exclaimed: “oh no, I forgot that coach Wendy will not be here anymore… that’s too bad she always made warm ups so much fun!”.
    I hope she gets to work with you again. I will recommend Fit2Finish to other parents/soccer team. Thank you!

    • Thanks Virginie (and Julie!) Yes, my “Striker” day seemed a bit empty this week. I hope to be invited back to the Strikers again. I’ll bring lots more fun activities and warm ups. My motto is: It’s no good if it’s no fun.

      Thanks for recommending Fit2Finish to other teams. I know the VYS coaching staff and Board leadership really believes in the health and overall development of all the players. Partnering with Fit2Finish for the whole club is what I’m aiming for. More kids. More fun. More great soccer!