Five Simple Ways to Beat Overuse Injuries

Keep your players fresh and injury free by adding variety and changing things up. Here are some easy-to-implement ideas that will pay off big in healthy play and keeping injuries away.

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Four Signs that Kids Sports Are Actually Hurting Them

When I was growing up playing sports, nobody ever got hurt, at least not seriously. I don’t remember a single teammate ever complaining of knee pain, shin pain, heel pain or hip pain. Today nearly all young athletes eventually experience … Continue reading

Pre-season Tournaments Beat Kids Up: Rest Days Allow them to Return to Full Strength

Are your players full of energy and enthusiasm at the beginning of practice? Or, are they pooped from school starting or the tournament weekend they just toughed it through? We all like those high energy days because we know that’s when … Continue reading

Three Easy Ways to Measure Training Demand on Your Athletes

Do you have days when it all clicks? Your players take every challenge and respond with energy, skill and enthusiasm. Then those other days when it all falls apart? Your players might as well have taken a nap or hit … Continue reading

School Soccer + Club Soccer May Spell Too Much: Beat Overtraining Injuries with the 6+ Program

When my daughter’s team hit the fields for the spring season tune up, I was happily surprised by the healthy depth of their roster. I keep track of this stuff, as a mom and a sports medicine professional keeping a … Continue reading

Are Sports Too Much for Your Kid? Dismantling the Dagwood Sandwich, An Equation for Healthy Youth Sport

Everybody’s talking about injuries. Coaches, doctors, league administrators, and parents are worried about the increase in injuries from SO much soccer! Kids are stuffed with teams and tryouts, tournaments and competitions. What used to be a tasty part of a … Continue reading

Is it “just” Growing Pains?

I was stretching with my U13 soccer team after a scrimmage.  Through a chorus of moans and evident wincing one player told me, “Coach, no one in my class can touch their toes.”  Her teammates nodded in agreement. Yep, tight … Continue reading

What Causes Overtraining?

Overtraining injury may be the result of one or several of the following: Activities which require repetitive motion.Increasing intensity or duration of training too quickly.Lack of fitness, especially core strength.Failure to fully rehab after an injury, come back too soon, … Continue reading

Play it safe, but play

Spring is coming! Our kids are streaming back to the playing fields. No one is happier about this than I am. Youth sports have so much to offer our kids – physically, emotionally, socially – as long as they’re not … Continue reading