Women Do Success Differently

The celebration of International Women’s Day has gotten our attention. Here in the States, “A Day without a Woman” has resulted in some school districts closing for the day because so many teachers have requested leave. This has left thousands of children … Continue reading

Bringing Out Their Best: motivation as art and story

Once upon a time there was a little girl. She could really catch and really throw, but the thing she could do best was hit. Every time up, she swung that bat and sent the ball way into the outfield. … Continue reading

Failure Isn’t fatal

Failure isn’t fatal, it’s fortunate. In fact, it’s necessary. Somehow, failure has come to be synonymous with worthless, hopeless, futureless and bad. We hear it as a judgment on ourselves, our kids, and our families. You’re a total failure. Take … Continue reading

Want Them to Play with Urgency? Tell them the Final Whistle is About to Sound

A goal down and five minutes on the clock. There’s nothing like the play of a team in the final minutes of the game. There’s focus, determination, energy, persistence. They throw caution to the wind and attack relentlessly. They’ve got … Continue reading

The Key to Keeping Your Resolve: Find a Good Coach

Making resolutions is easy. Keeping them is hard. Why? Because we are very clear on where we’d like to end up, what we’d like to do, how we’d like to look or act or feel. We see people accomplishing things … Continue reading

Good Job, Good Effort — Really?

Rewind to June 2012: The Boston Celtics win Game 5 of the NBA Finals over the Miami Heat and go up 3-2 in the series. The ever-present TV cameras catch the mood of the losing team as they head into … Continue reading