Should We Really Be Listening to the Student Who Got a C in the Class?

Fit2Finish friends, before you “like”, “share” or “sign up,” please find out who is supplying what you’re buying into. Ask these things:

  • What are your credentials? are you an expert in this subject? (easy to Google!)
  • Show me your references. Do you have publications which support what you are saying or selling? (anybody worth listening to has a body of work to support them)
  • What is your training? Where did you learn what you are telling me? (the real deal stands up to the test)

Too many people I talk to are begging off, saying, “Oh, I am really not qualified to judge their education or their schooling.” Yes, you are. Saying that is abdicating your responsibility.

Here’s the easiest way to sniff out a fraud: ask them how the process works. What is the mechanism? Show me the details. Explain the science. Step by step. With references. If they can’t do that, then you are doing them a favor by sending them back for a refresher course or to test how well they really understand the material.

Because an awful lot of the folks getting lots of attention in front a big audiences right now are spreading speculation they can’t support and repeating generalizations that have no basis in fact. These are the students who got a C in the college class I taught. They understood it well enough to pass the class, but they should never be teaching the class.

We do ourselves a favor by NOT buying what they’re selling.

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