Saluting the USA, World Cup Classy

Did you see that shot? It was the best in the whole tournament.

Nope. I’m not talking about Heather O’Reilly’s blast from 40 yards out. Though that was amazing. I’m talking about the photo of the American team lining up to salute the US military personnel stationed in Germany. Commentator Ian Darke quipped that the salute was concocted “back at the hotel coffee shop.”

Absolutely. Scripted by young women who want to say thank you.

  • Where better than World Cup play?
  • How better than after a world class goal?
  • When better than fourth of July weekend?
Saying Thank you for Freedom

America Proud and Free

These ladies have gotten our attention by doing well what they do best. Then giving it away. “This one’s for you!” American service personnel.

USA Women, you are class act.

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