Runners:5 Easy Ways to Stay Motivated

Does you running have this energy?

How’s the motivation coming? Somehow, things are easy to start. And when we see the finish line, they’re easy to finish. The problem comes in the middle. How do you stick to your training plan when you’re on down the road but don’t yet see the finish line? Here are 5 hints to help you maintain your motivation until race day.

1. Run early.  Studies show that people who work out early are 3 times more likely to stick with their routines than people who waited until late afternoon or evening.

2. Just get started. Instead of requiring the planned training for the day, make a 20 minute contract. Then roll out the door without any further expectations. You may find that once the juices get flowing you keep it up even longer than the days’ planned workout.

3. Change your routine. Find a new route. Take your dog. Bike or swim instead of running. Just keep it aerobic and give yourself full credit.

4. Keep a notepad next to your running schedule and record ideas, sensations, what you saw, a troubling issue that you chewed on, what you’re looking forward to, what you resolved. Take 5 minutes regularly to journal, draw or doodle here as soon as possible after your run.

5. Pick a partner. Nothing keeps you going better than a commitment to someone else who is pulling for you. Somehow, skipping your workout is a non-issue because you’ll have someone to answer to. And so will they.

Crossing the finish line has a glory all its own for every runner, not just the first.

Keep up the running. And pat yourself on the back. You’re doing great things for your mind, your body and your health. That’s how we all get to the finish line.

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