Resistance Band Tag: FUN Fitness

Your players have never begged this much to work this hard. Here’s a U14 girls team having a blast playing “resistance band tag.” They dribble, run, pass, strengthen their leg muscles and train their hearts. And they can’t wait to play again.

The rules: each player except one secures a resistance band by tying it in a loop around her lower legs, about 3/4 of the way up the shins. Players must move within the defined playing area, keeping their bands taut. They can take small running steps but generally move by jumping, hopping and bouncing. The player with the ball attempts to pass the ball into (to tag) players with bands. Tagging must be below the knees. Once a player is tagged, he/she removes the band, grabs a ball and becomes a tagger. The game ends when the last player is tagged. He or she is crowned the band king or queen and play resumes with the king/queen as the first tagger.

Caution: you may have trouble getting to the REST of your practice plan.

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