Prevention Programs Reduce ACL Injuries by > 50%

Neuromuscular injury prevention training programs have been shown to reduce non-contact and indirect-contact ACL injuries by more than 50%. This percentage jumps to as high as 88% for comprehensive programs designed for the highest risk populations — young female athletes who participate in jumping and cutting sports. Recent meta-analyses of various injury prevention programs identified these keys to program effectiveness.

Effective ACL injury prevention programs include:

  • Dynamic sessions of 15-20 minutes in duration
  • Mult-component training, including at least 3 of these components: strength, plyometrics, agility, balance, flexibility
  • Regular careful feedback on biomechanics for good technique
  • Gradually progressive increases in intensity
  • Excellent compliance at least 2x/week
  • Regular pre-season and in-season sessions

Coach/trainer feedback is focused on:

  • Knee/hip/ankle alignment on cutting, landing
  • Landings are soft and cushioned with bent knee, on balls of the feet
  • Body posture – head up, strong torso/core, balanced athletic position

Here are some quality programs Fit2Finish recommends:

ACL Injury Prevention Training Games and Program Design from Fit2Finish

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