The Beautiful Game, Beautifully Played

How many of us have watched in amazement and disgust this week as Elizabeth Lambert of the University of New Mexico women’s soccer team assaulted players from Brigham Young University’s team?  First, pulling a player down by her ponytail, then … Continue reading

Is it “just” Growing Pains?

I was stretching with my U13 soccer team after a scrimmage.  Through a chorus of moans and evident wincing one player told me, “Coach, no one in my class can touch their toes.”  Her teammates nodded in agreement. Yep, tight … Continue reading

NEEDED: Coaches Who Teach, Not Just Recruit

We’re seeing an alarming trend among coaches of elite athletes in all sports today: recruiting their talent rather than building it.  After all, in an environment that celebrates winning above all else, teaching the fundamentals takes too long. Why develop … Continue reading

For young female athletes, selection is personal

I had a disconcerting phone conversation with a friend and fellow “soccer parent” the other day.  She said her daughter is “on the bubble” between the ‘A’ and ‘B’ team.  They are waiting to hear which team she will be … Continue reading

Is winning worth dying for?

Over the Edge,* a 1997 Sports Illustrated article, painted a scary picture of the motivations and standards behind a sampling of American athletes.  They reported the results of a poll of 198 Olympians and aspiring Olympians.  The athletes were queried … Continue reading