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  • ACL Injuries: the Risks and the Realities
  • Injury Prevention; Identifying and Avoiding Common Injuries
  • Parenting the Championship Athlete
  • Making Family Fitness a Way of Life
  • Staying Healthy On the Road

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Workshops and Seminars — 2 Comments

  1. Hello,

    I recently tore my achilles tendon. I’m working with an orthopedic on treatment options right now. It will be a while before I’m ready for this, but do you have any resources on achilles strengthening exercises and injury prevention? Thanks!


    • Hi Sean,
      Sorry to hear about your injury. Achilles injuries are tough, though with good care and smart recovery stretches and strengthening, athletes do get back up to speed. Standard recovery includes gradual stretching – when your doc says its ok – and gentle, progressive strengthening. These all involve the calf muscles. I like to use a step – house, porch or shower will do – where there is a handrail for support when you first get started. Stretch the heel gently over the edge of the step and hold where you feel it stretch. (don’t bounce or force the heel downward) Strengthening is the reverse. Raise up on your toes and lower down so heel is lower than step. Here is the video link I made for shin splint injury prevention but exercise is the same.

      KEY is to continue with diligent stretching and strengthening even when you return to sport, and be aware that running and jumping activities put the achilles tendon at risk. Increasing training intensity too quickly can also cause problems, as can poor fitting shoes without heel cushion. Quick self assess: strong calves are good, tight calves are not. Find the balance to stay healthy.

      Good luck!

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