Injury Prevention

Protecting Against Injury

collisionSports can pose a risk to kids who play them, but a sedentary lifestyle poses an even great risk to the health of those who don’t. At Fit2Finish, we want to keep kids playing but help them to do it safely. Properly fitting equipment and a well-policed practice area are essential to avoid preventable injuries, but proper physical preparation is just as important. The risk of many injuries, including the most serious, can be reduced by an estimated 70% with proper training design. Though sports medicine is advancing in treatment and repair of injury, many repaired joints may not return to full performance and may be at risk for future problems. Thus, it’s essential that we PREVENT all the injuries we can.

Fit2Finish training addresses the common training errors which contribute most to injury: imbalance, sidedness and insufficient fitness. In addition, we use simple games and the sport to teach healthy, balanced movement which improves performance and reduces the risk of injury. Kids who avoid injury can train harder, progress more quickly and develop to their full potential. Fit2Finish: Keeping Your Soccer Players in the Game details the F2F training methods designed for injury prevention and includes a comprehensive listing of common injuries and training to avoid them.

Click on the links below for more information about each injury and a list of articles describing prevention, care and management. Click on overtraining to learn more about recognizing its effects and avoiding injuries due to training volume and inappropriate training demands.

Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) tears


Hamstring Strains

Other Common Injuries


Young bodies, challenged to progress gradually with sufficient adaptation and recovery, will be best able to avoid injury and reach the limits of their ability and desire.