How to use your exercise ball to strengthen at home

Here are 7 simple ways to use your exercise ball for core-strengthening. Try doing 2 sets of 10-12 repetitions of each activity. Ready… GO!

Starting position. A smile is essential.

Complete the exercise by passing the ball to your hands and raising it above your head. Remember to keep belly button pressed to the spine.

Begin plank or push up with tight abs and straight elbows.

Lower yourself down in push up position. Slide the ball toward your feet to make the exercise tougher.

With toes touching for balance, gently lift upper body in one unit to strengthen back extensor muscles. Lift slowly. Do NOT bounce or accelerate into arch of back.

For the really advanced: Kristin simulates swimming, with arm up opposed by opposite leg. Then alternates. Great core work and great for stability. Takes some practice!

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