Girls Soccer Needs Less Force, More Finesse

Girls stop at nothing when the game is on the line.

Boys play differently than girls do, even at the top levels of the youth game. Take a couple minutes to watch this video from US Youth Soccer National League championship play.

It begins with boys games, then at about 4 minutes it shifts to the girls’. Watch how the girls are heavier on their feet. They come flying in with heavy leg and hip tackles. The boys are light, quick, and clean on their first touches. Does it surprise you that we see so many more serious knee injuries on the girls’ side?

Fit2Finish specializes in agility and plyometric training for female athletes. We help team coaches identify the physical challenges that are holding their teams back. Then we work on the dynamics of movement as part of their skills and sport training. Together we can bring the boys style of play to the girls side.

Your girls team can be lighter, quicker, more-skilled and in better control of their bodies. That’s a winning combination.



Girls Soccer Needs Less Force, More Finesse — 6 Comments

  1. I have read a lot of articles that have shown that girls are more prone to new injuries than boys, but not many have hypothesized as to why. Is it they way they were taught to play or does it do with how their bodies are developing?

  2. Hey Jodi,
    Girls are definitely more prone to knee injuries, particularly ACL injuries, than boys. A number of anatomical factors are thought to contribute, especially as the girls mature. We can’t change their anatomy, but we have found that we can train how they jump and land and change direction. This is somewhat protective, so good coaches are employing professionals like Fit2Finish to help girls learn these techniques and put them into play.

    What may have been over-looked, and I highlight from this video, is their style of play. Aggressive, and loosely controlled, physical play can be particularly dangerous. And elite teams may be selecting for this style of player, unintentionally increasing the chance of injury. The boys in this video are quicker and more agile. They don’t come barreling in like the girls do.

    I believe style of play and what coaches encourage needs more attention. It makes sense to help them discipline their play so its both more effective and safer.

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