Gap Care Training: Return to Play

Knee BraceGap Care Training for Safer Return to Play

In spite of our best attempts to keep them safe and healthy, sometimes injuries happen. When they’re serious and require surgery, the battle back is long and hard. Physical therapy after ACL repair or reconstruction is designed to get them back on their feet. Rehabilitation takes them through 5-6 months. Recovery of balance, quickness, speed, power and confidence happens in months 6-12. That’s where Fit2Finish gap care training can help.

Gap Care Training Program

  1. Referral from doctor, surgeon or physical therapist
  2. Initial Assessment  – evaluate for balance, strength, sidedness, movement deficiencies
  3. Evaluation and Program recommendations
  4. F2F personalized training – sport-specific (soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, basketball, golf, ski)
  5. Graduation to maintenance training

With specialized care and training, athletes are much more likely to return to play at their previous competitive level. They are more confident in their body’s ability to perform safely and well. Fit2finish can help them get back into action. Contact us for more information. 01f4398d2d85d6e161e2521fbd78ea560ee16bede8 01fa7984eb7759a67485ed728ca34a56534a198b7b 014278970538e1561f89da9e90c8aae0f5351761f2


About Wendy LeBolt

Since 2005, Fit2Finish has been working with parents, coaches, and athletes to keep youth sports healthy. Injuries and burnout should not be sidelining our kids, but young players need special care and handling to manage today’s demanding competitive schedules. Fit2Finish wants to put this know-how into your hands.

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