Flash mob strikes at Fit2Finish Booth

Who doesn’t love a bunch of kids who get it?

I could have talked all weekend about what Fit2Finish does, but they made it perfectly clear in a split second. Happy to have a stretchy band as a new toy…Booth bands 2

show us how it works… Booth bands 1

what do we do next….Booth stretch 2

can I have one for my teammate who isn’t with us…Booth stretch 1

The smiles on their faces tell the whole story. Who doesn’t love a kid who leaves reluctance behind and jumps in to give it a try?

Never met these girls before today, but they’ll take a piece of me with them, as I take their smiles with me. Go, and stretch, and stay healthy. Use those bands until you’re done with this game – which I hope is NEVER!

(Photo credit to my booth neighbors who captured the moment for me. Thanks Richmond International Academic and Soccer Academy (RIASA) and Corpus Training, LLC!)

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