Fit2Finish Will Present ‘Fit to the Final Whistle’ at the VYSA Conference Feb. 3/4

Fit2Finish will be presenting Fit to the Final Whistle to coaches, trainers and athletes at the Virginia Youth Soccer Association Convention in Richmond on February 3 and 4.

Coaches want their athletes to stay strong and execute their game plan all the way to overtime – if necessary. But finding time during practice to add conditioning is a tough fit.

Join me and your fellow coaches in this interactive session where we’ll pinpoint how to fit fitness into your practice session. All ages. All genders. All ability levels.

Here’s the session description. Share it with your friends and fellow coaches:

Are your athletes as strong in the last minutes of the game as the first? If not, are you feeling the time squeeze to fit in conditioning? 

Don’t sacrifice skill development to add fitness, blend them.  Dr. LeBolt will show you how to incorporate conditioning for endurance, balance, strength and agility into your existing practice plan.

Your reward: Athletes who play  stronger for longer and stand up better to the demands of today’s youth sports.

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