Fit Soccer Players Finish It

Fit to the Final Whistle

Here’s what we’ll be talking about at the VYSA Session.

I. What is (physical) Fitness?
o What are the demands of soccer?
o Can just playing the game make them fit for the game?

II. Fitness for Soccer – dynamic fitness, game-like demands
Skills + conditioning = Peak Performance that lasts (train skills, bodies and hearts)

III. Principles of Conditioning, The Science – all with the game in mind
o Intensity – “overload” vs “overtraining”
o Progression – gradual, not kill and recover
o Interval Training – work: rest ratio, quality work, train recovery
o Cross Training – alternate days, cooperate with multiple teams
o Recovery, including Stretching – stretch after training
o Cautions – injury prevention

IV. How to fit it into practice – practical, tricky, fun
1. Choose a skill to train.
2. Add the fitness.
3. Make it matter.
4. Make it fun.
5. Make it game-like.

V. Adding cardio-conditioning to scrimmages

VI. Demonstrations
o U6-U8: crazy days
o U9-U12: pin ball plyo intervals
o U13-14: resistance band tag
o High School: V-shuttle, hop and volley

VII. Fitting it into your practice

About Wendy LeBolt

Since 2005, Fit2Finish has been working with parents, coaches, and athletes to keep youth sports healthy. Injuries and burnout should not be sidelining our kids, but young players need special care and handling to manage today’s demanding competitive schedules. Fit2Finish wants to put this know-how into your hands.

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