Dynamic Warm Up Game: blend technique, fitness and injury prevention in 10 minutes

Looking for a fun way to add variety to your warm up? Try this dynamic warm up from Fit2Finish. Keep players moving with the ball. Condition their dribble, introduce them to plyometrics, and work on their technique, timing and field sense, all in a small space.

Here’s the video on the Fit2Finish Youtube channel.

Be sure to cue them with the three B’s which are key features to the Fit2Finish method:

  • Bend your knees
  • Be on the balls of your feet
  • (head up) Be ready to play

These keys will transfer to their movement on the field and keep them safer and healthier in all their sports and activities.

This video is one of 11 fitness games featured in chapter 4 of our new book Fit2Finish: Keeping Your Soccer Players in the Game.

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