Dynamic Fitness Video: The Step-Over

Here’s a quick look at the step over drill, also known as the scissor drill. Girls are asked to perform continuous step-overs for 30 seconds over and around a flat cone at their feet. For some, this is a fitness challenge. Their weakness shows in sloppy steps, kicking the cone, or flat-footed stepping rather than bounding off the balls of their feet.

I also use this as a diagnostic screening for muscle weakness in hips which contributes to the dangerous knee position (known as valgus) where knees roll in toward the midline. Girls with significant knee valgus have been shown to be at greater risk of ACL injury.

One girl (quiz: can you tell which one?) is a year younger than the rest and exhibits awkward bending from the waist and rolling in at the knees to perform and attempt to balance the step-over. Rapid limb growth with lagging development of muscle mass create this coordination challenge. These girls (and their coaches) need to be patient as development occurs and they regain body control. (answer:girl in light blue t-shirt and headband in the back row)

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