Guest Bloggers

Want to Guest Blog for Fit2Finish?

Our posts either:

  1. solve a problem for the reader or
  2. entertain them
Problems we address:
  • Common Injuries and their prevention
  • Incorporating fitness for sport in a way that keeps it fun
  • Movement mechanics and improving the way we train
  • Preparing the body for play – mentally, physically or emotionally
  • Keeping youth sports a healthy place to play
  • Navigating the competition for teams and scholarships
Entertainment may include stories that are humorous, touching or inspirational. They should be your story or only shared with the permission.
Blog posts should:
  • speak to our audience which is primarily coaches and parents of youth athletes or
  • speak to the athlete (ages 12-22)
  • be actionable. They should be able to apply it immediately to their circumstance.
  • teach but not preach.

Fit2Finish especially invites bloggers with a powerful personal story and/or good sport science supported by specific programming for healthy play. If we choose to share your post we reserve the right to edit content submitted.

If you would like to request an opportunity to share your post contact Wendy LeBolt @ Thank you for your interest in Fit2Finish and your investment in keeping our young athletes healthy and in the game.


Guest Bloggers — 1 Comment

  1. Hi Wendy,

    A client of mine, Dr. Neilank Jha, is a world-renowned concussion specialist shaping policies for sports leagues across North America. He recently lead one of the biggest Concussion conferences in the world with many of the doctors featured in the new Will Smith movie Concussion.

    Here is a recent article written by Dr. Jha on the fear of concussions in sports for children:

    I wanted to see if it was possible to become an active guest contributor or if there were any other possibilities in getting involved with Fit2Finish.

    Let us know if you’re interested in working with Dr. Jha.


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