Coaching Well: Saturday Only Travel Soccer

My friend and fellow coach Kimo Kaloi has formed a new U9 travel Soccer team with Chantilly Youth Association in Chantilly Virginia.

CYA Blaze banner, proudly flying their own direction

They’re called the CYA Purple Blaze and they play on Saturdays. Only Saturdays. He petitioned the club and then submitted a request with the Old Dominion Soccer League (ODSL), promising to supply the field if the away team couldn’t provide one. They gave him the go-ahead.

The only thing I don’t like about this idea is: I didn’t think of it first! For more on this see my article, Life on Soccer Sundays.

Playing soccer on Sundays is hard on families who want to honor religious commitments on those days. Other families want to keep a day free on the weekend. Others have multiple kids playing travel on Sundays and are glad to split up the running around.

Whatever the reason, it is working for Kimo and his girls. I watched them play yesterday and they’ve got great stuff. I heard one of the parents of an opposing player mutter, “What are they feeding those girls in Chantilly?”

So kudos to Kimo and the Blaze. Way to put first things first and set the trend!

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