Coach and Trainer Need to Work Together

Why do coaches stand by and watch trainers run practice?

Coach waits for an invitation to join in

The travel team coach contracts with a training organization to bring a professional trainer in to run practice. She’s running great drills, putting them through their paces, explaining, correcting. Really connecting with them. The girls are laughing, playing, having a great time.

Where’s the coach? He’s 25 yards away, watching silently. Maybe chatting with the assistant coach or some of the parents. He may be taking a few notes. But why not:

  • throw on a pinney and participate in the play?
  • get right up close to hear the instruction and see the impact?
  • throw in his own ideas?
  • chat with the trainer after the drill to get some insights and maybe share a few of his own?

The trainer is there as much for the coach as for the kids. She’s a gold mine of ideas and information and she might benefit from the coach’s suggestions about connecting with these kids. This should be a give and take situation.  With Fit2Finish training we believe that coach and trainer should be working together to make these kids better players.

Along the way, the coach becomes a better coach and the trainer a better trainer.

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