Breaking News from the Science of Sports

I just got back from the 60th annual meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine. It’s a HUGE meeting. The conference program had nearly 300 pages worth of scientific sessions, presentations, posters, and workshops to choose from. Everything for every body involved in sport and physical activity.

By the end of the week I was full of science-speak. That’s the language of these folks. Studies and standard deviations, randomized control groups and statistical significance. It’s important to get it right and to prove it works. The challenge then is to communicate it in a way that makes sense to the folks who can apply it in the field. To bring it to a world full of people who desperately need to put physical activity back into the national action plan.

Fit2Finish is committed to staying in tune with the scientific conversation and translating it into language, games, activities and training programs that work. We make Science-Speak into Sports-Speak and work hard to see that nothing gets lost in the translation.

In the next 7 posts I will share the nuggets I took away from the conference. Here are my selected topics along with some teasers:

  • ACL recovery and return to sport – it takes longer than you think
  • ACL injury prevention – everybody’s dynamic warm up program is different, what works?
  • Concussions – diagnosing it is getting easier but can we bring down the risk?
  • IT band injuries – when it’s chronic, massage and running form changes are your friend
  • ACL repair in the youngest athletes – waiting until growth plates fuse may not be advisable
  • Overtraining – call it under-performing to avoid accusing – begs for accurate monitoring of training volume and intensity
  • Lessons from a team physician – the field of play is our classroom and our lab; we need to give it back to the athletes

If you’re an athlete or if you parent or coach one, you’ll find news you can use right here. Mixed in, you’ll find some surprises that science has right around the corner. I’m pleased to be able to bring them to you. Come on back.

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Breaking News from the Science of Sports — 3 Comments

  1. Waiting with great anticipation see what is new! I think every one of these topics apply in my household. Thanks Wendy.

    • Janet,
      I thought of Eve a lot last week. It may not help to hear that she is one among many and you are every mom, but it’s because of her that LOTS of research dollars are being spent to find answers.

      I would love to hear your impressions – from the field, so to speak.

      • You are right. It does not help, much. Good thing she is a positive person. She is going to spend a day in the surgical clinic with her doctor and watch an ACL reconstruction. She is very excited. Maybe we can get her over your way and watch what you do as well. She can get the whole picture from the professional perspective.