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Fit2Finish: Keeping Your Soccer Players in the GameDr. LeBolt’s new book introduces the method behind Fit2Finish training and shows you how to bring safe, fun, high performance fitness to your youth soccer players:

  • Improve their fitness.

  • Protect them from injury.

  • Speed recovery.

  • Help them stay healthy.

  • Challenge them to achieve peak performance.


Do all of this by incorporating the Fit2Finish principles into drills and games you are already running in your practices. No extra time is needed for conditioning or fitness! Check out the Fit2Finish YouTube Channel to see sample drills for each age group.

Here’s what’s under the cover.

Introduction: Fit for the Game

  1. Kids and Fitness: What Does the Game Require?
  2. Sport Anatomy and Physiology: What Makes the Body Work
  3. Fitness Prescription for Sports: Meeting the Demands
  4. Fitting Fitness into the Practice Plan
  5. Flexibility, Stretching and Recovery
  6. Fueling the Athlete for Performance
  7. Beating Injuries to Keep Your Athletes in the Game

Conclusion: Fit for the Finish  Order Copies 

Appendices include:

  • Overtraining signs and symptoms
  • Care and Management of Common Injuries
  • Nutrition Facts, Fun and Healthy Recipes (includes gluten free)

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