About Wendy LeBolt

Since 2005, Fit2Finish has been working with parents, coaches, and athletes to keep youth sports healthy. Injuries and burnout should not be sidelining our kids, but young players need special care and handling to manage today’s demanding competitive schedules. Fit2Finish wants to put this know-how into your hands.

Catch Them Being Good!

…A great title taken from a book written by Tony DiCicco (former women’s US National soccer team head coach) and Colleen Hacker, PhD (sport psychologist and consultant to this team).  It’s good advice for parents.  It works for co-workers, employees … Continue reading

What Causes Overtraining?

Overtraining injury may be the result of one or several of the following: Activities which require repetitive motion.Increasing intensity or duration of training too quickly.Lack of fitness, especially core strength.Failure to fully rehab after an injury, come back too soon, … Continue reading