The F2F story

Our Story

We started Fit2Finish in 2005 to address the growing epidemic of knee injuries in our young female athletes. Girls were getting injured, playing injured and being told they’d always have pain. And the girls believed this was just the way it would be. Fit2Finish stepped in to tell them “No! Girls, just like boys, can play sports and remain injury free.” But for girls to hold up under the weight of today’s demanding competitive schedules they need special care and handling. Find these programs and services for your athletes at the Fit2Finish home page. Unfortunately, more than physical injury is taking our young athletes out of play. Mental and emotional injury are taking their toll. These come at the hands of parents, coaches, opponents and teammates. We know the culture of youth sports needs changing, but we’re not sure how to get it done. Let’s stop looking the other way. And stop blaming competition for bringing out the worst in us. Fit2Finish believes we need to start a conversation about how to make the playing field a safe and healthy place for our young people. Sports, coached well and competed well, are good for them. Good for their bodies and a great place for them try on life. I invite you to join the conversation.