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 Wendy LeBolt, PhD, Founder of Fit2Finish

LeBolt 029HRWendy founded Fit2Finish, LLC in 2005 to address the growing epidemic of knee injuries in young female athletes. For young athletes to hold up under the weight of today’s demanding competitive schedules they need special care and handling. Fit2Finish specializes in designing age-appropriate and sport-specific training which reduces injuries and improves performance. Wendy has packed 15 years of sport science and fitness know-how into her new best selling book: Fit2Finish: Keeping Your Soccer Player in the Game.

Fit2Finish works with coaches and parents to supply what athletes need, through team and individual training. We also offer specialized training for female athletes and personalized plans for athletes returning to sport after injury or surgery.

Unfortunately, physical injury is not the only injury taking kids out of play. The mental or emotional toll can also be high, and the drop out rate skyrockets by the time kids are middle schoolers. Fit2Finish is partnering with Drake Soccer to offer workshops, clinics and private consultation to help athletes and their families navigate the stressful world of youth sports today.

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