What teams are saying

Take a look at what participants in Fit2Finish’s programs have to say….

Avery is doing well and has started putting the ball in the net, too. Sure appreciate your help.” ~ John Burton, parent of a U15 player who is 18 months into recovery and return to play after ACL surgery

“I can’t thank you enough for coming out and working with my team last week. The girls REALLY enjoyed the evening, and I’m sure are looking forward to seeing how I will implement new drills into our sessions.  I will be in touch as the season continues to discuss having you come back out for a ’round 2′.”

– Jennifer Vogel, U13 Reston United head coach


“Finally, I met a person with worthwhile techniques and demonstrations that addressed proper warm-ups. That person is Dr. Wendy LeBolt, an expert in this field. She is an Exercise Physiologist, develops Wellness Programs, and Fitness Consulting. I was so impressed with her presentation that I asked her to attend one of my teams practice sessions to demonstrate the proper techniques.  My U-16 girls team enjoyed the 45 minute workout as did the three coaches and two spectator parents who joined in!  Our practice session was on Friday evening.  Saturday morning the players had a new improved warm up routine that they did on their own and accomplished it in 15 minuets.  Watching them exercise in such an organized fashion was enough to intimidate the visiting team.

The players were definitely interested as 15 out of 17 players attended in addition to three coaches and two parents who unexpectedly participated.  Wendy set up here program and explained the purpose of what we were about to do and put us through the pre-game warm-up procedures. “


“You were great and we all learned and enjoyed.  The proof came the next morning before the game when I told the captains to warm em up not how to do it.  There they were strutting their stuff across the field.  Just the sight of the formation was enough to intimidate the other team!

We learned a lot and I got good feed back from the girls, thank you.  I am writing a letter to Rick Kopel and others on the board, as well as other age related coaches suggesting we incorporate this type of training.  Thank you for taking the time to come.  All teams and coaches will benefit from your training.”

– Svain Ulvedal U19 head coach


“Thanks for inviting me to participate.  I enjoyed the time and got a lot out of it.  I’ll use these exercises for myself in preparing to play again and for my daughter and her team as they grow up. Wendy, it is easy to tell teaching is your thing.  You were just great with the girls.”

– Sharon, parent coach SYC and former player, recently post ACL


“This is fabulous, Wendy…especially as the mother of a daughter who has already begun the stretching and strengthening exercises for her knee issues.  I would be up for a Tuesday after practice to further understand what we can do to help.

Thanks for your expertise and willingness to help the girls improve (not to mention stay healthy)!!!!”

– Laura Hamilton (parent of U12 female athlete)