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We believe that athletics are a great way for kids to grow their minds, bodies, spirits and relationships. A healthy field of play provides a place for them to discover their abilities and be rewarded for their hard work. Coaches and parents who provide a healthy sports environment start kids on the road to fitness and health as a way of life.



The Fit2Finish Vision

  • Every kid finds a healthy place to play and keeps playing as long and as strong as he or she possibly can.
  • Every parent has healthy, physically active kids who are engaged in safe, positive sporting activities.
  • Every coach delivers healthy instruction and training to support and develop the players they mentor.


The Fit2Finish Mission

To help children and youth:

  • Develop and improve their skills and fitness
  • Work hard in training to compete well and have fun with the game
  • Stay physically, mentally and emotionally safe in the sports they play


To help parents:

  • Support kids in healthy sport training and performance
  • Actively participate as coaches, volunteers and fans
  • Form supportive community among the players and families on their teams

To help coaches:

  • Design training that is healthy, safe and effective
  • Develop healthy, high-performing athletes
  • Support and motivate players to achieve according to their desire and ability


Fit2Finish offers:

  • Programs and seminars for educators and youth
  • Instruction and training in fitness for sport
  • Workshops for coaches and parents
  • Injury prevention training for individuals, teams and clubs
  • Movement analysis and risk assessment for athletes in a variety of sports
  • ‘Post-rehab’ training for athletes after injury or surgery


The Fit2Finish Story

Wendy LeBolt, PhD, exercise physiologist, teacher, coach and sport parent, founded Fit2Finish in 2001 to address the sharp rise in injuries to youth soccer players participating in increasingly competitive play. She created some of the first injury prevention training programs for teen and pre-teen soccer and basketball athletes. For elementary and middle school aged athletes who lacked the strength and coordination to execute this training, she developed Fit2Finish games.04Firecats_team Just by playing them, the kids learned safer movement while building stronger muscles and healthier hearts. Each game is designed to prevent injuries by establishing healthy, balanced movement.

Because kids would rather “play” than “work out” and coaches have limited practice time, Fit2Finish training blends right into the coach’s practice plan, and safer movement becomes a natural part of how they play. The kids just think it’s fun.

These games form the foundation for the F2F training we teach to coaches, trainers and athletes. Dr. LeBolt’s new book Fit2Finish: Keeping Athletes in the Game details the science behind Fit2Finish and provides all the tools coaches need to reproduce F2F training for performance and injury prevention with their soccer athletes.


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