8 Ways to Pump Up Your At-Home Workout

Why are at-home workouts so much harder than team training and group classes? Because there is:

  1. No schedule or called practice time insisting you show up.
  2. No one counting your reps or yelling at you to stay with it.
  3. No peer pressure to shame you into keeping the pace.
  4. No one to follow when you don’t know how to do it.
  5. No easy rhythm to fall into or peer pace to push you.
  6. No instructor to impress or opponent to beat.
  7. No challenge or surprise to keep you on your toes.

Worst of all, the FUN FACTOR has gone m_issing.

Here’s how to defeat the downside of going it alone and pump yourself up in the process.

  1. Supply your own structure. Develop a structured workout time and a designated workout space. Make sure available equipment is close at hand.
  2. Reward yourself. Create a checklist or performance chart and reward yourself with daily checks, stars or whatever works for you. Ice cream sundaes or Snickers bars probably not the best idea here.
  3. Welcome friendly competition. Phone a friend and issue a challenge: see who can do the most, the quickest and/or the best. (ie. How many juggles in 30 seconds? How long can you hold a plank? How many hops over a cone in 60 secs? etc.)
  4. Do your own thing. Since no one’s grading you on perfect form, work on improving your weaker foot, weaker side, weak-side balance. (We all have one.)
  5. Pump in the tunes. There is nothing quite as ergogenic as music to boost performance. Rhythm with volume is a marvelous motivator.
  6. Get creative. Add the awkward or unexpected to your workout. Intentionally create “bad” bounces or balance challenges by trying skills on an uneven surface. Use a ball that’s not round (like a football) or a different size than you’re used to. Workout on grass or a mattress.
  7. Be better than your yesterday. Keep a record of your own performance (reps, pace, heart rate, minutes, etc) and try to beat yourself every day.
  8. Teach someone. There is nothing quite as fun as watching your parents, grandparents or younger sibs try the skills, moves or workout you already do well. THAT will bring the fun back in a big hurry!

It’s easy to quit or give up when there’s no one there to egg you on. Don’t do it. Your dedication is paying dividends every day. Stick with it. Today, when you’re tempted to quit, just DO ONE MORE. And tomorrow do ONE MORE than that.

If you still need someone to yell at you to stay with it, I’ll say it in all caps: “YOU GOT THIS!”

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