The simple solution to defeating acl injuries: teach healthy movement to our U-8s and U-10s!

To beat ACL injuries which are devastating our athletes in their teens and twenties, we have to train them to move healthier when they’re 8-14! Here’s how you can put that in place.

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Five Simple Ways to Beat Overuse Injuries

Keep your players fresh and injury free by adding variety and changing things up. Here are some easy-to-implement ideas that will pay off big in healthy play and keeping injuries away.

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4 Key Elements for a Healthy Return to Play

We’re all excited about returning to play. To keep players healthy, follow these gradual steps to progress back to full fitness for sport.

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Kids anxious or antsy? At-Home PE Primer to the rescue!

play directed by children

Regular workouts ease depression and lift mood according to studies performed on adults, but regular exercise may be even more important to the health and mental well-being of children. Especially now, while kids are stuck at home with parents who are … Continue reading