Keeping athletes in the game.

New book from Fit2Finish, competitive fitness without the injuries. Look inside…

Fit2Finish: Keeping Your Soccer Players in the Game

Fit2Finish: Keeping Your Soccer Players in the Game

Introduction: Fit for the Game

  1. Kids and Fitness: What Does the Game Require?
  2. Sport Anatomy and Physiology: What Makes the Body Work
  3. Fitness Prescription for Sports: Meeting the Demands
  4. Fitting Fitness into the Practice Plan
  5. Flexibility, Stretching and Recovery
  6. Fueling the Athlete for Performance
  7. Beating Injuries to Keep Your Athletes in the Game

Conclusion: Fit for the Finish order copies

Appendices include:

  • Overtraining signs and symptoms
  • Nutrition Facts, Fun and Healthy Recipes
  • Care and Management of Common Injuries


  1. Amy's Gravatar Amy
    September 26, 2014    

    Loved the book-excellent advice that is easy to digest (all ages). Before I hand it off to daughter, wanted to find the e version (kindle)? There is a bit lit app advertised in the book but I prefer to use a native app if they’re both equally available?

    • September 26, 2014    

      Hey Amy, glad you loved the book! The bit lit app will allow you to download the e-version for free since you have already purchased the hard copy. However, you can purchase the e-book anywhere electronic books are sold at the price they are currently charging. (Amazon has the kindle version listed at $7.69)

      Please let me know if you have any difficulties.

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