Play with a Purpose: The Simple Solution to the Stress Crisis in Our Kids   Recently updated !

Kids are stressed these days. Anxiety, worry, clinical depression and suicide is on the rise in our teens. They are meeting the pressure-cookers of their lives without the resources to manage them. So, why try to squeeze in exercise? Because, done voluntarily and under no pressure to perform, it’s a stress-reducer. But wait, isn’t exercise a stress-or? How can it also be a stress reducer? Yes, exercise revs up the body. It activates the fight or flight response which is your body’s natural way of dealing with challenge. It’s a survival […]


Flash mob strikes at Fit2Finish Booth

Who doesn’t love a bunch of kids who get it? I could have talked all weekend about what Fit2Finish does, but they made it perfectly clear in a split second. Happy to have a stretchy band as a new toy… show us how it works…  what do we do next…. can I have one for my teammate who isn’t with us… The smiles on their faces tell the whole story. Who doesn’t love a kid who leaves reluctance behind and jumps in to give it a try? Never met these […]

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Players exposed on Twitter may find college coaches passing them by

Twitter: “to utter a succession of small tremulous sounds, as a bird.” It’s the perfect name for short, personal communications, in 140 characters or less, meant to be sent quickly to our friends, perhaps with a photo or a video for impact and emphasis. That sounds nice. What harm could a few tweets do? It doesn’t take long on Twitter (or any social media these days) to find out. Kids will assure you it’s just a little harmless fun, but a lot of them are out there sharing a lot […]

Gap Care Training: Return to Play

Gap Care Training for Safer Return to Play In spite of our best attempts to keep them safe and healthy, sometimes injuries happen. When they’re serious and require surgery, the battle back is long and hard. Physical therapy after ACL repair or reconstruction is designed to get them back on their feet. Rehabilitation takes them through 5-6 months. Recovery of balance, quickness, speed, power and confidence happens in months 6-12. That’s where Fit2Finish gap care training can help. Gap Care Training Program Referral from doctor, surgeon or physical therapist Initial […]

Knee Brace

Weak core muscles increase risk of ACLs and Concussions: Let’s Get Injury Prevention Right

“Arrive early for warm ups!” says every Coach ever. The smart coach uses that time well to get the kids moving. We used to just show up to play. Now, we know that warm up is essential our players’, performance and protection from injury. Today’s youth coaches are dutifully standing by and watching their players take the time to do these drills. Everybody has a different flare and style, but in general we’re getting it so much more right. Well done, coaches! But we’ve got to do better. Our athletes MUST […]

The 10 Best Ways Sport Teaches Life

At Fit2Finish we know that sports are a great way for kids to try on life. The lessons are everywhere! Best thing is, we don’t have to say a thing, the game does it for us. Here is your TOP 10 list for 2015! Show up for practice and for the main event: you’ll play like you practice so bring your “A-game” to both. Know where you’re heading and know what the goal is: always have a target and be sure it’s the same for your team or teammate. Have several […]

Gifts for the Soccer Player on Your List

Are you strapped for ideas for that soccer player on your gift list? Never fear! Here is what soccer players we know are asking for this year. Some even shared the links to purchase. Browse away. You’re welcome. Practical Soccer ball or mini soccer ball for juggling Socks and gloves Slides (favorite sports manufacturer Adidas/Nike or whoever is your sponsor) A nice ball, nice cleats! Indoor soccer shoes Running shoes Gift cards to Sports Authority, Dicks, local sporting good stores Cool Stuff with personality and a lotta nerve Anything from […]

Charlie Brown Christmas

US Soccer Has a Player Development Problem: Julie Foudy offers new/old perspective

What if the best way to get your kid on the U.S. National Team was to not attend their games? Or allow them to quit soccer for a season or two on a whim? Both of these techniques worked for Julie Foudy, one of the most capped U.S. players in history (271) and a leading member of the U.S. Women’s National Team during two Women’s World Cup championships and two Olympic gold medal triumphs. “My parents never came to games,” she told in a recent interview. “I was the […]

Failure Isn’t fatal

Failure isn’t fatal, it’s fortunate. In fact, it’s necessary. Somehow, failure has come to be synonymous with worthless, hopeless, futureless and bad. We hear it as a judgment on ourselves, our kids, and our families. You’re a total failure. Take your ball and go home. We don’t want you here. Can we take a new look at failure? When I evaluate a person in a fitness test, whether they’re an athlete or not, adult or child, male or female, I test for failure. I actually set them up with an […]


Simple Neck Exercise that Defeats Screen Time

Oh, and this will make athlete’s heads, necks and torsos safer on the field. Happy strengthening, everyone. Contact Fit2Finish for more resistance band exercises or for information about purchasing bands.