Gifts for the Soccer Player on Your List   Recently updated !

Are you strapped for ideas for that soccer player on your gift list? Never fear! Here is what soccer players we know are asking for this year. Some even shared the links to purchase. Browse away. You’re welcome. Practical Soccer ball or mini soccer ball for juggling Socks and gloves Slides (favorite sports manufacturer Adidas/Nike or whoever is your sponsor) A nice ball, nice cleats! Indoor soccer shoes Running shoes Gift cards to Sports Authority, Dicks, local sporting good stores Cool Stuff with personality and a lotta nerve Anything from […]

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US Soccer Has a Player Development Problem: Julie Foudy offers new/old perspective

What if the best way to get your kid on the U.S. National Team was to not attend their games? Or allow them to quit soccer for a season or two on a whim? Both of these techniques worked for Julie Foudy, one of the most capped U.S. players in history (271) and a leading member of the U.S. Women’s National Team during two Women’s World Cup championships and two Olympic gold medal triumphs. “My parents never came to games,” she told in a recent interview. “I was the […]

Failure Isn’t fatal

Failure isn’t fatal, it’s fortunate. In fact, it’s necessary. Somehow, failure has come to be synonymous with worthless, hopeless, futureless and bad. We hear it as a judgment on ourselves, our kids, and our families. You’re a total failure. Take your ball and go home. We don’t want you here. Can we take a new look at failure? When I evaluate a person in a fitness test, whether they’re an athlete or not, adult or child, male or female, I test for failure. I actually set them up with an […]


Simple Neck Exercise that Defeats Screen Time

Oh, and this will make athlete’s heads, necks and torsos safer on the field. Happy strengthening, everyone. Contact Fit2Finish for more resistance band exercises or for information about purchasing bands.

When Good Sportsmanship Doesn’t Make the Cut

“Nice guys finish last.” It stings to be the parent of the kid whose primary objective was “to be a good teammate” as she is cut from the high school JV squad. Why does it hurt so much? Because, for her whole life you have been teaching her that sportsmanship is the main thing. Surely what the team needs is a good teammate. Until it isn’t. Talent is what they really need. And ability, field vision, speed, power, strength, skill. Now we’re looking for these, the coach says. Thanks for […]

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Videos for the Fit2Finish Book

Here are the video links for my new book Fit2Finish: Keeping Your Soccer Players in the Game. Find your age group. Find your fun. Try it out. All the Fit2Finish games are fueled by the science of healthy sports but designed to blend performance into your practice. (Just don’t tell them it’s good for them!) Video Links for Fit2Finish U8 Goal: coordination, body awareness Crazy days warm-up Crazy days in the zoo U10 Goal: bi-lateral strength, application of body to game, speed Obstacle course Shove the gamut  […]

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Coaching is Like Parenting: your kids show you how to be better

Our kids need coaches. They need adults who will spend a couple hours a week on the fields with them and will root from the sidelines one day each weekend. It’s a lot to ask of people these days, what with families going every which way, jobs claiming more of our time, volunteer responsibilities clamoring on all sides. I know all of this about people when I tell them: “Our kids need coaches.” If you want to know the truth, I said yes to being a first time head coach […]


Friday Fitness Tip – Monster Walk

The key to helping our young athletes stay free of injury is proper preparation. In today’s Fitness Tip video, 3 young athletes (boy-16, girl-12, boy-12) are trying the ‘monster walk.’ Try it for yourself to see which muscles are working. What differences do you see? between ages? between genders? 

Fit2Finish Athletes Use Bands for Fitness & Training

Dynabands, Therabands, resistance bands, stretchy bands, no matter the name, they are one of the best training tools for the fitness games we play and home exercise programs we teach and recommend. Bands are perfect because they are portable, inexpensive and adaptable. Purchased in 3-4 foot lengths or cut to this length from 75 foot rolls, we use them for both upper body and lower body strengthening and stretching. Resistance Band Home program Upper Body Strengthening Keep them as a single strip and grab closer to the center (for greater resistance) […]