Survival Training for the Winter Ice Breaker Tournament   Recently updated !

We’ve nearly survived the snow and ice, now how about the Icebreaker? The tournament, I mean. Can you believe spring soccer is just around the bend? This year the weather has prevented most teams from doing a lot of preseason preparation. What will this mean when the team takes the field in March? Is there anything we can do to help them be better prepared for the season-opening tourneys just around the corner? What should be in your Icebreaker tool box? Weather Alert This never used to be an issue, […]

How to Put the SHOW in Showcase

Showcase…just the word puts you on guard. You’re the center of things. On the big field, the feature field, the stadium field, the special turf. Coaches come from far and wide to watch you play. You know who they are, even behind their shades, because they are standing there with their clipboards and game sheets, pens poised or tucked behind an ear beneath the cap with the college insignia. This, of course, matches the shirt and the jacket that sport the college logo and shout the school colors. They want […]

Play, the Great Leveler

Remember the carefree days of unencumbered play? When we gathered a group of friends, boys and girls, older and younger, and set out for the open field, or the hillside, or the climbing tree? There was not one right way to run or jump or roll or climb. We each just did it in our own way, together. And I can still smell the mowed grass and black dirt and feel the happy spin of my head when I tried to stand up after rolling, rolling, rolling down the hill. […]

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Is Comparison Stealing the Potential from Our Kids?

There’s so much pressure to be the star player out there. The best, the most, the fastest, the biggest, the strongest. While encouraging kids to reach their potential is important – and what parents, coaches and teachers have done since the beginning of time – I think we may have lost our way a bit by focusing on the superlatives. Somehow, less-than-the-best has become bad. When we attach a value-judgment to a measuring stick, it defeats the purpose and may defeat us in the process. Can you imagine setting a […]


If Coach is in Charge of Player Development, Who is in Charge of Coach Development?

We pour, time, energy, heart and money into developing our kids, but what about their coach? In my last post I suggested beginning with the end in mind so you know the way to the finish line for your athlete. Expect a good coach to clearly define the steps to progress your child and what achievement looks like. Just promising to help your child achieve his ‘full potential’ leaves far too many unanswered questions. The coach may have a winning track record, but that does not mean that your child is assured […]


To Set a Successful Course, Flip Your Perspective

How can we train to finish well? To meet our goal, achieve success, and win the prize? Yes, strength, speed, fitness and avoiding injury are all important along the way. But how do I know the way? How do I get from here (where I am dissatisfied with how I look, feel, perform) to there (where I am satisfied with how I look, feel, perform)? Not knowing how to chart this course often leaves us well short of our goal and frustrated with our efforts. Part of our problem may be […]

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Play with a Purpose: The Simple Solution to the Stress Crisis in Our Kids

Kids are stressed these days. Anxiety, worry, clinical depression and suicide is on the rise in our teens. They are meeting the pressure-cookers of their lives without the resources to manage them. So, why try to squeeze in exercise? Because, done voluntarily and under no pressure to perform, it’s a stress-reducer. But wait, isn’t exercise a stress-or? How can it also be a stress reducer? Yes, exercise revs up the body. It activates the fight or flight response which is your body’s natural way of dealing with challenge. It’s a survival […]


Flash mob strikes at Fit2Finish Booth

Who doesn’t love a bunch of kids who get it? I could have talked all weekend about what Fit2Finish does, but they made it perfectly clear in a split second. Happy to have a stretchy band as a new toy… show us how it works…  what do we do next…. can I have one for my teammate who isn’t with us… The smiles on their faces tell the whole story. Who doesn’t love a kid who leaves reluctance behind and jumps in to give it a try? Never met these […]

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Players exposed on Twitter may find college coaches passing them by

Twitter: “to utter a succession of small tremulous sounds, as a bird.” It’s the perfect name for short, personal communications, in 140 characters or less, meant to be sent quickly to our friends, perhaps with a photo or a video for impact and emphasis. That sounds nice. What harm could a few tweets do? It doesn’t take long on Twitter (or any social media these days) to find out. Kids will assure you it’s just a little harmless fun, but a lot of them are out there sharing a lot […]

Gap Care Training: Return to Play

Gap Care Training for Safer Return to Play In spite of our best attempts to keep them safe and healthy, sometimes injuries happen. When they’re serious and require surgery, the battle back is long and hard. Physical therapy after ACL repair or reconstruction is designed to get them back on their feet. Rehabilitation takes them through 5-6 months. Recovery of balance, quickness, speed, power and confidence happens in months 6-12. That’s where Fit2Finish gap care training can help. Gap Care Training Program Referral from doctor, surgeon or physical therapist Initial […]

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